Warcraft Movie Box Office | Week 2 – June 24

The Box Office reported the Week 2 domestic and worldwide gross for the Warcraft Movie. As of June 24, the Warcraft Movie has made $42,392,470 domestic, and $382,371,529 worldwide.

From June 10-16, the WARCRAFT movie made $31,191,525 domestically reaching Rank #2 across 3,400 theatres in the United States. However, this past week (June 17-24) it only made $10,564,945 with a 66% decline compared to last week, going down to Rank #5.


Warcraft Movie Box Office

Overseas: Last week the WARCRAFT movie was standing at $313,621,525 worldwide with $280,500,000 of that gross coming from Overseas. This week the Box Office reports an increase of $59,479,059 in Foreign gross, for a total of $339,979,059 Foreign gross.

Domestic: Last week the WARCRAFT movie was standing at $31,191,525 domestic. This week the Box Office reports it made $11,200,945, for a total of $42,392,470 domestic gross.

Just a few days ago, pre-orders for the WARCRAFT Blu-Ray/DVD opened with a 42% discount. The 4K Ultra HD version includes the Blu-Ray + Digital (40% discount).

There is no indication that a Director’s Cut might be available, so it’s recommended to pre-order the normal cut Blu-Ray/DVD to get a 40-42% discount. If the Director’s Cut is announced previous to the normal cut Blu-Ray launch, you can always cancel and get the Director’s Cut. Otherwise, the discount is a good deal.

UPDATE: Seems official… there won’t be an Extended Cut (Director’s Cut). Thanks TheMadBass.


Warcraft Movie Blu-Ray Pre-Orders have Begun

The WARCRAFT movie Blu-Ray/DVD Pre-orders have officially begun. The WARCRAFT movie is available in the following formats: Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K.

Currently, the WARCRAFT film has broken the record as the TOP video game movie adaptation surpassing The Angry Birds Movie, Prince of Persia, and Tomb Raider (the three that had reached the top previously). At the time of this posting, WARCRAFT has made $41,150,695 domestically the past 14 days since its premiere in the United States, and $339,979,059 overseas for a total of $381,129,754 worldwide.

Warcraft Movie Officially Best Video Game Adaptation at Box Office

It is official. WARCRAFT (2016) by director Duncan Jones has become the best video game film adaptation at the Box Office with $378.4 million worldwide as of June 19, 2016.

WARCRAFT dethroned Prince of Persia which as of 2010 was the top video game film adaptation. On Third place is The Angry Birds Movie early 2016, followed by Tomb Raider (2001, Angelina Jolie).

WARCRAFT is still on theaters. I urge World of Warcraft fans to bring a friend or family to watch the movie. If it does well domestically in the United States, Duncan Jones said via Twitter that until that happens there won’t be an Extended Cut Blu-Ray. For those who may be interested, the WARCRAFT Director’s Cut Blu-Ray will have an additional 40 minutes of footage that was removed for the theatrical view. So please, spread the word and go watch WARCRAFT at a theater near you.

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The Top Video Game Film Adaptations (Lifetime Total Gross Worldwide):

Warcraft (2016) – $378.4m
Prince of Persia (2010) – $336.3m
The Angry Birds Movie (2016) – $327.6m
Tomb Raider (2001) – $274.7m
Mortal Kombat (1995) – $122.1m
Resident Evil (2002) – $102.4m
Hitman (2007) – $99.96m
Street Fighter (1994) – $99.4m
Max Payne (2008) – $85.4m
Doom (2005) – $55.9m
Wing Commander (1999) – $11m
Tekken (2009) – $967,369

Warcraft Movie Box Office Gross – Week 1

The Warcraft Movie by director Duncan Jones was attacked early on by critics with a 29% based on 161 critics reviews, and that may have affected the decision of non-gamer general public. However, viewers have enjoyed watching the movie with an audience score of 82% who liked it and an Average Rating of 4.1/5. The score was made with a User Ratings: 44,410.

The Warcraft movie launched domestically in the United States on June 10, 2016. As of June 17, the Warcraft movie has made $31,191,525 in the United States across 3,400 theaters; and $280,500,000 overseas. Adding both numbers up gives us a total of $313,621,525 worldwide.

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Blizzplanet: Warcraft Movie Premiere Event Photo Gallery

Blizzard Entertainment invited Blizzplanet among other fansites and influencers to attend the Warcraft Movie Premiere event in Hollywood, California. Dperschonok and TheRedShirtGuy mingled with Robert Kazinsky, Jaime Lee Curtis, Leeroy Jenkins, AliciaMarie, and other personalities at the event. Here are some of the photos:

Warcraft Movie Box Office | June 14

The Warcraft Movie by director Duncan Jones was produced with a budget of $160 million. As of June 13, The Box Office reports the Warcraft Movie has made $26,036,570 here in the United States, and $280,500,000 Overseas for a total of $306,536,570 Worldwide. WARCRAFT is currently ranked #2 in the United States with an average of $7.1 million per day.


It is laughable how some respected “journalists” who acknowledge not to have played the Warcraft video games haven’t taken a look at past Fantasy-live action films for number-comparison before writing a review to call WARCRAFT a Box Office Flop or Bomb.

WARCRAFT is a Fantasy-Live action based on a video game, while most of the films sharing the genre have been based on very successful book series for many years, including: The Lord of the Rings (1968), The Chronicles of Narnia (1950), and Harry Potter (1997).

LORD OF THE RINGS: The # 1 fantasy-live action film to obviously compare WARCRAFT with is definitely The Lord of the Rings. So let’s take a close look merely to proof that WARCRAFT is not a Box Office Flop. The first week of December 14-20, 2001 — Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring made $27,917,978 in 3,359 theaters, ranking #3.

The WARCRAFT movie hit theaters in the United States on June 10, 2016. The available current numbers are from June 13 (3 days since launch). So in comparison, with WARCRAFT having $26m in only 3 days (NOT a full week) — I can say Warcraft has been a success in the United States, surpassing LOTR’s first film in the first week.

The journalists out there can review the film any way they want, but titling WARCRAFT a box office flop so prematurely — merely to catch the attention of readers — is incorrect. Please, take the moment to do what those journalists lacked to do before titling their article. Visit the Box Office (Dec 14-20, 2001).

In order to compare whether a film is a flop, I think one must first look at the genre and compare it with films of that same genre. There haven’t been many Fantasy-Live action films in the past 20 years.

For the sake of it, let’s compare WARCRAFT with STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS which is in a different genre (Sci-Fi Adventure). WARCRAFT has over 12 million fans the past 22 years, while STAR TREK has been around since 1966. Into Darkness re-launched the Original Series with new actors playing the roles of Captain Kirk, Spock and Bones. In the first week of May 10-16, 2013, the film made $13,536,422. WARCRAFT made $26m domestically in 3 days. Let’s go back in time to May 13, 2013 to see what the journalists say about INTO DARKNESS… Sound the trumpets! That movie was a FLOP! Or was it? By that same standard, Lord of the Rings was a flop too. Or was it? I say to journalists… focus on reviewing the film, and stop the premature harmful article titles and personal hate-spewing agendas that have no base in factual domestic total gross numbers.


You can read my Warcraft Movie review and analysis here.



Total Gross numbers Overseas below:


Bulgaria: $267,056
Czech republic: $858,112
Finland: $266,533
France: $9,520,731
Iceland: $131,879
Italy: $3,157,670
Lithuania: $77,192
Netherlands: $1,442,735
Norway: $1,233,989
Portugal: $284,691
Romania: $598,059
Slovakia: $389,965
Ukraine: $928,071
United Kingdom: $7,162,822



China: $156,809,077
South Korea: $5,072,692
Thailand: $2,390,870

Warcraft Movie Box Office


Inverse.com Consulted Blizzplanet for Warcraft Movie Article

In the wake of such bad Warcraft Movie reviews from critics, who likely never played the game, Inverse writer Sean Hutchinson reached out to me to research opinions from World of Warcraft gamers to share those thoughts with the general public who doesn’t know anything about Warcraft.

You may read Inverse’s article which quoted some of my thoughts on the Warcraft film a day before I watched it at the Cinema.

Not everything was used for the article, so I wish to share with our audience the full document with my responses:

Warcraft Movie Premiere Event Livestream

The Warcraft Movie Premiere Event Livestream begins at 5:30pm Pacific Time. Michele Morrow and Jesse Cox are the hosts of the event where they will talk with director Duncan Jones.

Two Blizzplanet staff members were invited to the media event: Dpershonok & TheRedShirtGuy. We’ll have some videos and photos later on. Follow us on Twitter for a heads up. Watch the embeded video after the break.

See the Warcraft Movie, Get World of Warcraft Free

Fans who watch the Warcraft Movie at the qualifying Regal Cinemas will get a game code to get a digital copy of World of Warcraft for FREE. This promo is obviously aimed at movie viewers of the Warcraft Movie who have never played the game, as an intro to expand their experience after the cinema. This specific offer is for USA residents, however, Blizzard posted the same offer for many other countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania listed here.

The game code can be redeemed at the following page: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/promotions/movie.

Warcraft Movie Interview: Arclight Cinemas interviews Robert Kazinsky

Usually, I hunt online searching for the latest Warcraft Movie interviews. This time around, Arclight Cinemas reached out to inform us about their interview. How awesome is that?

Arclight interviewed Robert Kazinsky, and he bleeds pure love for his role as Orgrim Doomhammer and you can see his passion as a World of Warcraft gamer come forth in this interview. Robert praised the film direction, and wishes to work with Duncan Jones forever, if he allows so.

The link in their Youtube page led me to the Arclight Cinemas website, where I found photos taken during the interview.



Warcraft Movie Press Interviews Roundup (May 2016)

Recently, Duncan Jones and the Warcraft Movie staff talked to the press to promote the movie. Use the list navigation (to the left of the video) to switch from one interview to the next. Among those interviewed are:

Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim)
Toby Kebbell (Durotan
Travis Fimmel (Lothar)
Paula Patton (Garona)
Ben Schnetzer (Khadgar)
Ben Foster (Medivh)
Duncan Jones (Director)
Thomas Tull (Producer)
Charles Roven (Producer)
Stuart Fenegan (Producer)
Jon Jashni (Producer)


Warcraft Movie at 2016 Epicenter Russia

Duncan Jones and Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim Doomhammer) went to Russia to promote the Warcraft Movie among the 2016 Epicenter eSports audience. The interview starts around 0:03:06. The trailer can be seen in the two videos after the break.


Warcraft Movie Coming to Madame Tussauds London

Madame Tussauds posted in Twitter that today you can order tickets to the premiere of the Warcraft Experience. The video shows the making of the Lothar, Garona, and Durotan wax statues.

Madame Tussauds is also giving away 15 tickets for the premiere launch. Participate here.

Mike & Ike Warcraft Edition Theater Box Gift Set Battle Blend Hot Tamales

This new product was shown in Duncan Jones’ recent Periscope video. This box of candies is a lmited edition that comes in two flavors: Chewy Cherry Cinnamon Flavored Candies and Fierce Cinammon Hot Tamales candies.

Mike & Ike Warcraft Edition Theater Box Gift Set Battle Blend, Hot Tamales.

Prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind flavor battle! Two powerful candy brands join forces to bring NEW Warcraft Battle Blend – combining the fierce cinnamon flavor of HOT TAMALES® and the fruity cherry flavor of MIKE AND IKE® to create one uniquely delicious chewy cherry cinnamon flavored candy. Available for a limited time only!


Warcraft Movie TV Spot # 11: Protector

Comicbook.com got ahold of the Warcraft Movie TV Spot # 11. This new Warcraft Movie TV Spot reveals a character that Duncan Jones has never discussed at BlizzCon, SDCC nor PAX East. It’s an elder woman with a shadowy semblance.


Buy Warcraft Movie Tickets Online

The long wait is over. You can now pre-order your Warcraft Movie Tickets online to go to a theater near you. Simply add your zipcode, click on “See All Theaters + Movie Times.,” and pick the desired viewing time from the schedule.

The Warcraft Movie will be on theaters in USA on June 10th, but some theaters have early viewing on June 8th. Keep an eye on those. The movie is available in IMAX 3D. I got my tickets online.


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