SDCC 2015: WETA Workshop talks about Warcraft Movie 1:6 Armor Replicas

A week after SDCC 2015, WETA Workshop shared via newsletter a video by Gamespot. Mike Gonzales said all the armor and weapons on display at SDCC were part of the Warcraft Movie scenes. The armor on display at the WETA booth was specifically used for the Royal Guard of Stormwind (view our SDCC 2015 Legendary booth photos). In this video, we get a closer look at the Warcraft Movie 1:6 scale armor replicas that WETA plans to have for sale in 2016 after the movie goes live.

SDCC 2015 – Warcraft Movie Panel

Sadly, the person I assigned to go to the “SDCC 2015 – Warcraft Movie Panel” spent two hours in line before everyone was told there was no more room. My heart deflated. I have heard Duncan Jones fed and handed away lots of twinkies to late-campers who waited in line since last night. So I can understand the line was pretty huge as the panel schedule approached.

SDCC 2015 - Warcraft Movie Panel

SDCC 2015 – JAKKS Warcraft Movie Licensed Action Figures

JAKKS Pacific revealed plans for their Legendary Pictures Warcraft Movie license. Their toys will ship at retailers nationwide on June 16. Check out below our SDCC 2015 JAKKS Warcraft Movie panel video.

SDCC 2015 JAKKS Warcraft Movie License details

All new toy line for the Summer 2016 blockbuster film from Legendary Pictures and Universal!

SDCC 2015 – Christie Golden writing Warcraft Movie Novel

During the Blizzard Showcase panel held at San Diego Comic Con, Christie Golden revealed she is writing a prequel to the Warcraft Movie where we will see a lot of the things that lead to the events in the movie, new continuity. Find out more details about the Warcraft Movie Novel in our Blizzard Showcase Panel video transcript page. (link at the bottom)

SDCC 2015 – Blizzplanet Coverage

This page contains all the SDCC 2015 videos, photos, and panel transcripts we got from San Diego Comic Con 2015. Some from the Blizzard Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, WETA, and NECA booths. Others from the Blizzard Showcase panel, and Legendary signing session.

SDCC 2015 Legendary Booth: Warcraft Movie Photos

Blizzplanet correspondent and cosplayer @Stroughnecks made it to San Diego Comic Con to take photos of the SDCC 2015 Legendary Booth. There she saw a lot of exciting props from the Warcraft Movie including armor, weapons, banners, background props, and even the Jakks Warcraft Movie licensed action figures. In addition, a sign next to the Alliance armor seems to hint WETA might sell 1:6 replicas in 2016.

SDCC 2015 Warcraft Movie – i09 Interviews Duncan Jones

i09 had the opportunity to interview Duncan Jones at SDCC 2015 to talk about the Warcraft Movie. The movie is pretty much done. Duncan is waiting for 10 VFX shots to be added to the movie, and then all he has left to do is clench his fists, and grind his teeth while geekily waiting until June 2016 for this project to be shared with the public.

Recording of SDCC 2015 Legendary Pictures Panel Forbidden

Earlier I asked Duncan Jones if recording of the SDCC 2015 Legendary Pictures was possible, or if at least the Warcraft movie teaser trailer would make it to the public some time after the event.

He responded within a few minutes around 3:20am (EDT) that Legendary could answer that for me. I contacted Legendary and surprisingly got a response within a few hours at 10am. Without quoting, recordings are strictly forbidden. I will do my best to get ahold of a transcript, so keep an eye on our social feeds for any updates on that.

Warcraft Movie Logo change

warcraft-orcs-and-humans-box-artThe Warcraft Movie Logo change is very noticeable and it hasn’t been the only time. So far, since Legendary Pictures announced the Duncan Jones film, this is the third time.

Warcraft Movie Release Date Moved to June 10, 2016

Legendary Pictures issued a press release announcing the Warcraft Movie Release Date Moved to June 10, 2016. The intended release date before this change was supposed to be March 11, 2016. This is the second time the release date has been moved. The original date was December 2015, but was changed shortly after the next Star Wars release date was announced — conflicting with Warcraft’s.

Duncan Jones Visited ILM to Oversee Progress on Warcraft Movie’s FX

Duncan Jones tweeted he is supervising work done at ILM to oversee progress on the Legendary Pictures’ Warcraft movie. After sending him a quick tweet about what his visit’s purpose is, he replied: “We have a huge amount of FX work, so I go on regular trips to ILM to mess up everyone’s comfortable routine! ;)”

For those wondering what ILM stands for, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is an American Academy Award-winning motion picture visual effects company — a division of Lucasfilm. You can browse their past works over at the website.

Ramin Djawadi Finishing Warcraft Film Score

Duncan Jones tweeted Ramin Djawadi and himself are working on the Warcraft film’s musical score. Duncan originally announced Ramin’s participation back in January 6. So it’s awesome to hear about progress two months after. If you love the Game of Thrones (HBO) series intro, then you have heard Ramin’s work.

Ramin Djawadi Finishing Warcraft Film Score