2016 Topps Warcraft Cards Cancelled

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The Topps Warcraft Cards are no more. Last year, we reported details from the SDCC 2015 showfloor about upcoming licensed products. Among the licensees was TOPPS, which planned to launch a card collection based on the Warcraft Movie.

Topps Warcraft Cards

It is now official that TOPPS has cancelled development. They did no offer any details concerning the cancellation. It is not unusual, however, for companies to announce a licensed product, then cancel it when licensing doesn’t get ironed out in time. I have seen that happen before with Panache and Unimax. Years ago, when I attended the Toy Fair as press, they were handing out flyers about an upcoming toys based on StarCraft for their Gamestars toy line. The license couldn’t be secured. Unimax later closed doors.

Originally, TOPPS planned to launch the TOPPS Warcraft Movie Cards collection on May 11, 2016. Looking up the search engine, the cancellation update took place on September 29, 2016.

Below is the original announcement text and images provided by TOPPS on December 26, 2015.

The Topps Company has added a new entertainment license to its portfolio – Warcraft. The epic fantasy Warcraft movie is slated to premiere in June and Topps is proud to announce it will release trading cards in conjunction with the movie.

2016 Warcraft is set to come out in May, allowing fans of the franchise to collect cards and autographs of the actors before the big movie release.

The base cards will feature stills from the live-action movie, which depicts the origin of the encounters between the humans and the orcs. The set will include autographs from actors, relic cards, special chase cards, artist-drawn sketches and more.

The Warcraft movie was developed as part of the popular gaming franchise that got its start in the mid-1990s. Since then, it has produced novels, tabletop games, comics, and other collectibles.


Base cards

The base set will consist of 100 cards highlighting key moments from the film. There are four levels of parallels, which include Alliance Blue (1 in 4 packs), Horde Red (1 in 24 packs), Mage Light Blue (numbered to 10), Forge Gold (numbered 1-of-1).



Character cards: Featuring 18 of the film’s most important characters.

Races & Creatures cards: Nine cards exploring the main species in the film.

Groups & Clan cards: Nine cards showing the major alliances on Azeroth.

Weapon cards: Nine of the most deadly weapons used in combat.

One-on-One Combat cards: Nine of the best fights from the movie.

Battle cards: Nine cards exploring in-depth the most important battles in the war on Azeroth.

The Magic of Azeroth: Nine cards showing different ways magic is utilized.

Character Concept Art Cards (HOBBY ONLY): Nine cards showcasing the gorgeous artwork created in developing the film’s characters.

Scene Concept Art Cards (RETAIL JUMBO PACK EXCLUSIVE): Displaying gorgeous art used in the development of the movie.


Manufactured Relics

Commemorative Faction Flag Patch cards: Featuring the most important members of The Alliance, The Horde and The Mages, with parallels.



Pieces from the props, scenery and costumes used in the making of the movie will be utilized in these cards. They will be sequentially numbered with parallels.



The autograph cards will feature signature from many of the top cast and crew from the film. There are also Dual Autographs and HOBBY-ONLY Triple Autographs. Autographed Printing Plates will also be randomly inserted into the product.

Autograph Relics

Cast autographs with pieces of the props, scenery and costumes, and sequentially numbered with parallels.

Hobby Box breakdown
Packs per box: 24
Cards per pack: 7

Release date: May 11, 2016


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