BlizzCon 2014 – Warcraft Movie Presentation Panel Transcript

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Hardwick: Excellent, so moving down the characters you want to talk about Medivh?

Duncan: Yea, Ben Foster is playing Medivh. An amazing, I don’t know if you have seen Lone Survivor? Or a real attempt to humor, but a real skilled actor; and I use that word because he has an ability to communicate things through neurons and he’s incredibly magnetic just watching him. So he’s our Medivh and it kind of feels like it’s the right– I know it’s the right guy for the character that we have created.


Metzen: Definitely channels, there’s a lot of magnetism to him and in so many ways Medivh was kinda the rock-star of this era; and everyone expect that this guy would save the day and swoop in and take care of all of our concerns, and it’s so funny talking about spoilers for this thing because … why? You all know.

Duncan: …know your lore.

Metzen: … for the most part– how things … Thrall-Medivh; but it was kind of cool. Ben really brought that gravitas and that kinda …zwwoop… pop into the scene, and you’re like “Wow! The Guardian is here!,” and just brought that level of weight and it was very, very cool.

Hardwick: So we have to zip through a little faster. There’s actually some big things that we want to show you that I want to make sure that we have enough time for it. So we have got to take a little bit of less time. So on the Horde side you want to talk about Gul’dan a little bit?

Duncan: Yea, Daniel Wu is an actor who actually I knew before we started doing this.

Hardwick: Oh, that’s Rob Kazinzky?

Duncan: Oh, that’s Rob Kazinzky.


Hardwick: Yea. We really just jumped ahead. I could go through faster as well. But talk about Daniel.

Duncan: Daniel is Gul’dan. Another actor who is– we brought him to the motion capture fold along with Toby and Rob Kazinsky, but as I said I knew him before; and knew he could do it, and he didn’t disappoint me. He’s known very much for playing heroes; but this was an opportunity for him to play something very different.

Hardwick: Alright. Ok, so then also Lady Taria you want to talk?

Duncan: Absolutely, Ruth Negga is an British actress or Irish actress, rather.

Hardwick: There’s Ruth. Beautiful, beautiful lady…

(Audience laughs. It is Dominic Cooper’s photo on the screen instead. Oops!)


Hardwick: …the moonlight catches her beard just right. She’s stunning she’s going to be great in that role.

Duncan: She is, she’s a chameleon.

Hardwick: Now on the Horde side, Blackhand? Blackhand the Destroyer?

Duncan: Ok. It doesn’t matter what comes up there, if I say Clancy Brown is Blackhand, I think you’d be happy.

Hardwick: There is Ruth.

Duncan: That’s Clancy Brown. (laugh)

(Note: Ruth is shown onscreen with a big cleavage, instead of Clancy. Technical issues with the screen presentation.)

Hardwick: There is Clancy.

Duncan: Yea, there he is! Clancy.


Metzen: The fact away with Clancy is– any of you guys remember a non-published Warcraft Adventures game that we were working on long long ago?

We never put it out, but many of you knew we were working on it. He was actually the voice of Thrall, originally.

So it’s kind of funny. So, I’m on the set and he kinda like: “I can’t believe you guys hired me for this gig.”

“What are you talking about? You are Clancy Brown.”– Metzen

“I thought I was the death of Warcraft products, you know?” — Clancy said.

(Audience laughs)

Hardwick: You had to get him to do stuff from Spongebob?

Metzen: Exactly.

(Note: Clancy Brown is the voice of Mr. Krabs in Spongebob)

Hardwick: And then Khadgar for the Alliance?

Duncan: For Khadgar, we have Ben Schnetzer — a young New York actor who does amazing British accent; but he’s not doing a British accent for us, actually.


Westenhofer: I want to say something really fast that was really cool. I was a mage, or I am a mage; and I had a moment where I had to sit down and teach Khadgar and Medivh how to cast magic spells.

(Audience and panel laughs and cheers)

Hardwick: I always play mages, too. I don’t like, I mean, because when I was growing up I wasn’t very athletic– so I don’t know how to attack things with my body. I just want to hurt things with words and lightning. That was all I wanted.

Duncan: We should also mention that Jason, Jeff and Hou are Warcraft players in Ireland, and the magic, the unique look of the magic in our film is so true to Warcraft.

Metzen: It is so Warcraft-ie.

Westenhofer: Not like anything you have seen of before, either.

Hardwick: It’s important and its good that you play– as opposed of just an x guy who came on and: “Alright, let me figure this out. Yea. Alright. It will work just fine.”

Westenhofer: “Well, that’s cool, but that is not (you know) Arcane Blast. It doesn’t work.”

(Hardwick laughs)

Hardwick: It’s important because you have the responsibility to express the type of Warcraft Movie … that you always wanted to see as a fan. So it seems like it’s not just a job. It’s something that is meaningful. I believe Garona is next.

Duncan: Garona. Paula Patton. You probably know her from the most recent Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol movie. We had a unique challenge in casting Garona in that we have our Orcs and we have our Humans, and Garona is special. I won’t say too much; but we didn’t want to use motion capture for Garona.

We wanted to have an actress who could play it live action (how unusual).


Hardwick: Yes.

Duncan: We needed an actress who could play it live action who had the physicality and also had the acting chops and Paula is fantastic and has really done a great job.

Hardwick: And now, I think you are actually– are we going to be able to take a look at a couple of more (actually) characters?

Duncan: Yes.

Metzen: Well. It depends on which slide comes up.

Duncan: We’re going to go with the flow.

Hardwick: But I think we are going to show King Llane. You can show the actual character?

Duncan: Absolutely

Hardwick: Ok, great. Which is… there it is.

Duncan: That’s Dominic Cooper, and that’s King Llane, and that’s Llane’s armor right over there, right next to you.


Hardwick: Oh excellent, right there. Ok. Perfect! And then now, I remember when this all went down and when this next guy came onboard, because he was a huge, like almost see tears on his eyes and he says “I get to be in the Warcraft Movie”. But it is on the Horde side. Orgrim, who we are going to talk about.

Duncan: Absolutely.

Hardwick: And so…

(Audience applauds seeing the green Orgrim photo)



Duncan: Beautiful Orgrim!

Hardwick: So this is Rob Kazinsky. Rob is a huge Warcraft fanatic, and so I have known him for a couple of years; and I know that he very fervently went after this movie. He’s very excited to be here.


Duncan: He did. I mean, he is. We stuck him in the motion capture costume. So he had to wear the silver pajamas. That’s the only way you’ll get the job; and– I think we got… Do we have the Orgrim costume …? Oh, we got the Orgrim costume there. And the Doomhammer. Where’s the Doomhammer?

Metzen: Is there something missing there?

Hardwick: There was a Doomhammer out there. The Doomhammer was there a second ago.

Audience: Where’s the Doomhammer?

(crowd cheers)

Duncan: Can we get the Doomhammer out?

Hardwick: Rob Kazinsky!

(Kazinsky walks in onstage)


Kazinsky: Red fans! FOR THE HORDE!!!



Westenhofer: That’s the size of a ..

Hardwick: That’s not like a little chinstzy prop. Like, I held it on my shoulder and it hurts.

I was in the backstage, and they were like: “We’re going to need you in a few minutes any time now.” 10 minutes on my shoulders. A killah.


Hardwick: “…any second now, any second now” But I thought for a second just about when you came aboard this project and you were like “I can’t believe I get to be in the Warcraft movie”. So can you just talk a little about your relationship to Warcraft going into the casting.

Kazinsky: Yea, I started in Burning Crusade early as a warrior. That was my first mistake, and anyone who is a warrior in Vanilla or in BC knew that if you pull one mob, then you had to eat afterwards; and then in you pulled about 2 then you were dead. And I played pretty much all through BC and (???) — that was as far as I got at Magtheridon’s Lair; and then I got really addicted in Wrath. Well, I have been a death knight since 3.1, so…

(Audience applauds)

Kazinsky: I’ve been in a top 100 guild (????). Over five hundred days played and…

Hardwick: Wow!

Metzen: That’s the real deal.

Westenhofer: Someone just dropped his nerd dick on the table.

(Audience and panel laughs)

Kazinsky: And I have been to the last two BlizzCons… completely separate to this. This is very much the case of one of us getting to do this. You know what I mean? That’s very exciting.

Metzen: I remember the first time I get to go to the set and I’m walking around and Duncan is just doing his thing and I’m like ok I’m just going to hang back, you know not being in anybody’s way. Crazy sets all these stuffs going off, and I was like am I going on yet? I’m here, I’m just going to chill (laser sound). What’s going on man, and we sat for like 45 minutes and he’s going on about raids and I’m like ok this guy is a bad mother… you know. Joe.

Kazinsky: And I went to dinner with Nick Carpenter, and (I mean) I have bend his ear for like 5 hours. I am like: “You need to fix LFG.”


Metzen: He is like: “Dude… that’s not my department.” You are like: “You didn’t make it your department.”

Kazinsky: I have got a great idea about (???) in Draenor… listen to me. Let’s get Sargeras here.

Metzen: Now, what was it? (handwrites motion)

Rob: Exactly. You know, It was like you sit down in MMO-Champion and TankSpot — one of these places — you think “they’re never read this.” I got to actually like… It was great.

Hardwick: So can you talk about Orgrim a little bit? Can you talk about, like without giving anything away, like how you connected? How fast you connected? And what did you bring into the character?

Kazinsky: Well, obviously Orgrim is the best character in the lore. He’s the most handsome. Orgrim… he is kind of, I love playing him because you’ve got Durotan who is the wise all-seeing chief and then you’ve got the hard bastard next to him; the big, scary, not very bright kind of–

Metzen: He’s bright enough.

Kazinsky: What I got to play in this film what you’ll see throughout this movie is kind of the evolution of Orgrim from being someone’s brother, someone’s best friend to becoming a leader in his own right; and I mean, we know who he is… Orgrim always– named after me that is.

We got to lay the foundation of who this guy gets to become or what he gets to ends up doing and that was alright.

Hardwick: So what were some of the, can you talk a little about it from the point of view of a performer? They sort of explain like what they are doing to you during this process but what is your point of view?

Kazinsky: I wouldn’t say what they were doing to me during the process. There was a lot of physical movement stuff to it because it was motion capture, which I have never done before; and it was kind of the most rewarding thing I have ever done. We did months of training with this guy Terri Notary who is a movement master, to learn how to walk and move like an Orc which is different to humans and I will happily give a demonstration.

Hardwick: Yeah, do it.

(Audience applauds)

Duncan: Do Terri proud.

Hardwick: It walks, it walks!


Metzen: Don’t worry guys it’s a tour, but it’s really gonna be good. Yeah, it’s going to work.

Duncan: It’s an artistic interpretation.

Kazinsky: Exactly. Now my interpretation is done.

It’s fine

Basically, if you are a 7-foot tall, 5 or 600 pound monster, you’ve got to be heavier and that means having, I mean everyone knows that you try and suck in your gut a bit to try and be attractive sometimes and then–

Hardwick: Who would do that?

Kazinsky: I just don’t know, you have to be as ugly as possible, so like Terri got us to, like this whole pregnant belly thing and slow movements around until you– but Orgrim had this whole shoulder roll where he just turn really slowly and just like, I mean he was intimidating; and Durotan had a much more upright kind of all-seeing peripheral; while Orgrim was kinda just like… He was ahh.

(Audience applauds)


Kazinsky: I haven’t done that since April. Orgrim hasn’t been in me since April and that’s kind of the rough idea of what we were doing.

Hardwick: Awesome

Duncan: You nailed it.

Metzen: That could be like the autobiography of Orgrim.

Kazinsky: Orgrim’s in me. Orgrim I am in you.

Duncan: There was a period in the start of the film where none of us even myself included had seen what it was going to look like and you have been doing this performance for awhile, you’ve been in the silver pajamas and then eventually Bill comes in with like the first sort of grey shaded shot of what Orgrim was going to look like, that was the first character we saw. And that was an amazing day because we had been terrified for a while.

Kazinsky: He’s exactly right, and I mean I come from the same place as all of you guys: We are fans. We wanted to be right. They will absolutely murder me if this thing sucks. So you’re sitting there and you’re in your pajamas and you’ve been in pajamas for a while and I don’t have this prop, I have some black like Styrofoam and you’re thinking the same this is silly isn’t it? And then they bring in Bill and Jeff and then they brought in this, what was it 30 seconds?

Duncan: Yeah.

Kazinsky: And it was only partially done, a render of Orgrim, just very subtly doing his thing and they’re convinced that it looks like me and it was just every tiny little details whether it’s an eye flake or twitch or the movement of a hair comes through. And I was sitting watching this creature and I was like “oh-ho”.

You know like in the cutscenes– like the movies that Blizzard releases with every, like the Warlords of Draenor one, and then the “Arthas’s my son”-thing… it’s like that, but on crack.

It’s more realistic than me looking at Chris right now. It’s just so good.

Westenhofer: I want to give, I mentioned before, just a props of the ILM team on this ‘cause the, you know even going into this, I knew what technologies were capable of and they actually pushed it beyond what I thought it would have able to achieve, and you can see Rob it looks like Rob, he doesn’t believe it, completely does.

You can see Toby, you can see Clancy Brown, it’s still early on. We are starting to see the film unfold on the visual effects side and you see suddenly Clancy Brown is there delivering his line, his performance. It’s really cool.


Hardwick: I mean you have to understand that– how important it is for these guys to make a movie that is true and authentic and that you will like; because as fans you don’t want people to be like: “You ruined Warcraft!” and you’re like “Oh shit! No, I’m sorry”.

Westenhofer: Suddenly I login, my account doesn’t work anymore.

(Audience and panel laughs)



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