BlizzCon 2014 – Warcraft Movie Presentation Panel Transcript

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Duncan: “Everyone is just waiting for you online to log in.”

Westenhofer: “And they outed me.”

Hardwick: “… and I lost everything, every character in like Timeless Isle.” By the way Rob Kazinsky will be doing a takeover at the legendary account right after this panel so stay tuned. See Rob’s updates from the showfloor.

Kazinsky: I’ll tell you everything about the film.

Westenhofer: Have to finish.

Metzen: Full disclosure.

Hardwick: And we’re just sort of wrapping up now but there’s a couple things that I want to announce. There are two new fan sites that are being launched and right now between March 2016 which is when the film– I mean why It’s got to be 2016?!

Duncan: I know, I’m sorry.

Hardwick: No that’s alright. No. Listen–

Duncan: It should have been sooner.

Hardwick: Listen! You take your time.

Duncan: You got to get it right.

Metzen: You got to get it right!

Hardwick: Yea, like– exactly if I ever have a plumber comes over, and he’s like: “Sorry, I’m working fast.” I’m like: “Look, I just want this thing to flush, take as much time as you need.”

Metzen: Guys this is a Blizzard audience, they know the drill.

Duncan: They know.

(Audience and panel laughs)

Metzen: Be ready when it’s ready

Duncan: 17 years.

Metzen: Yes, 17 years. Yea? No? No? Yea.

Duncan: I just have to say actually that I played Overwatch just now.

Metzen: Did you play?

Duncan: First of all, I came in first place as Winston.


Kazinsky: I thought I did excellent.

Duncan: But it’s fantastic. It’s amazing. Absolutely loving it.

Hardwick: So there are two fan sites that are being launched that you can go to right now and ultimately you are going to pick a side. You are either going to go

(Audience screams)

Hardwick: or

(Audience screams)


Hardwick: So you decide. The Horde side is very loud. Very loud. And sometimes it’s

Westenhofer: It’s from the diaphragm.

Hardwick: It’s not like the Alliance side is not passionate; but it feels very Monty-Python-esque: “…and they rejoiced. Hooray!”

(Audience and panel laughs)

Metzen: It’s much more polite.

Duncan: ♪”Braves, Robinson!”♫

Hardwick: Death to you Orcs!

(Audience and panel laughs)

Hardwick: So there’s one more thing that we are going to do and I think we might have to take a couple shots at it and it’s very exciting. Do you want me to explain what is going to happen or do you want me to explain what is going to happen? We are going to need your help for something that will be involved with the film.

Duncan: Yeah, it’s early on and we’re starting to gather and put together the sound for the film and there’s a couple of moments were we need “For the Horde!”, and we need “For the Alliance!”, and we need “For Azeroth!”, as well. So “For the Azeroth” would be for everyone. So Chris you want to kind of lead us through this?


Metzen: I will try.

(Audience and panel laughs)

Duncan: So we’ve got our mic out here.

Hardwick: We will start with the Alliance first.

Metzen: Alliance, listen. Now is the time.

Duncan: Don’t let the Horde shame you.

Metzen: It’s time to bring it for real swords. You ready? 3, 2, 1…

(Audience shouts: “For the Alliance!”)


Metzen: Do it and don’t let it suck, come on.

Hardwick: One more time?

Metzen: One more time. You guys ready? That was awesome, make it even more awesomer. You ready? This is immortality here. 3, 2, 1…

(Audience shouts: “For the Alliance!”)

Duncan: Wow. Amazing. That’s pretty amazing.

Hardwick: Excellent, thank you!

(Audience applauds)

Metzen: Orgrim, it’s up to you. Now get your people. Lead them well.

Kazinsky: Hordes!!?

(Audience responds)

Kazinsky: We’re animals. 3, 2, 1…

(Audience shouts: “For the HORDE!!!”)


Duncan: Wow! That’s pretty good.

Westenhofer: Classic.

Kazinsky: Not bad. We can do better with 7 foot 2. We are Tauren! We are Undead! 3, 2, 1…


(Audience shouts: “For the HORDE!!!”)

Duncan: That’s amazing!

Westenhofer: Pretty good!

Duncan: I’m scared.

Metzen: That’s a good job.

Duncan: So let’s bring it together, please. We’ll do it “For Azeroth.”

Hardwick: I liked the shout, and then the polite golf-clap. A really nice shout out there.

(Audience laughs)

Hardwick: Yea and now for Azeroth.

Metzen: Alright. This is for Azeroth. Everybody. Everyone. We’re gonna pull it together. It’s our world: “For Azeroth!” … on 3.

3, 2, 1

(Audience shouts: “For Azeroth!!!”)

Metzen: It’s pretty good let’s do it again. 3, 2, 1

(Audience shouts: “For Azeroth!!!”)

Metzen: Wow!

Hardwick: That’s a wrap.

(Audience screams and claps)

Hardwick: You guys, that was the Warcraft Movie panel. Thank you for coming out everyone. A huge event for everyone who’s up here. March 2016! I will see you guys later on tonight, and have a great day. Thanks everyone.

Duncan: Go upstairs to the show floor.

Metzen: Go upstairs.

Hardwick: Go upstairs to the show floor.

Hardwick: Thanks.

Duncan: Thank you.

Hardwick: Thanks man.

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