BlizzCon 2015 – Warcraft Movie Official Gallery

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Legendary Pictures added a photo gallery to the official Warcraft Movie website. You can watch the official movie trailer here.

The first photo shows us an amazing render of Durotan that resembles the Blizzard Cinematic Quality but realism has been pushed even further. I mean look at the realism of his hair and ponytails. On his shoulders you can see every single body hair hit by sunlight, contrasting against the darker background. I mean: HOLY SHIT? The handle of his weapon, the texture of the leather around the handle. The necklace. The ornamental wrappings with the fangs or claws. The scars on his body, the chest hair. This feels and breaths realism.


The second image showing King Llane and Queen Taria facing the Stormwind Harbor with hundreds of Stormwind citizens and footmen shows something that one might have overlooked during the trailer. On the center area, to the right there are three High Elves. Among those seating you can see bearded dwarves as well.


One of the photos shows Dalaran. I am a bit confused with the fantasy of showing Dalaran floating in the sky. You can see buildings on smaller pieces of land around Dalaran just floating in the sky. The original Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness video game showed Dalaran in an isle shaped like a cross. I guess not a big deal breaking the canon. Either way, it looks awesome.


Have you seen that scene where Lothar flies downwards on a gryphon from high above? You see fires and mayhem down there. The screenshot provided by Legendary Pictures shows what is really going on. On the top you can see the Dark Portal. This is Black Morass (some of what we now know as Blasted Lands).


Below you can see a good shot of Paula Patton as Garona Halforcen. She’s wearing the Stormwind crest on her chest. In the official movie trailer you can see her riding alongside Lothar and footmen as an ally.





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