Fly over Stormwind with the Legendary VR app

Written by Benjamin Vogt on . Posted in Legendary Pictures, SDCC 2015, Warcraft Movie

Something that we were all waiting for has finally become available to us : Some footage of how Stormwind will look like for the Warcraft movie, and it’s really immersive! You can either watch it on Youtube on the following VR Demo, or you can download the new app Legendary VR for the App Store or Google Play.

To optimize the experience it is suggested to use a Google Cardboard, but even without it as I already tried the experience is really great! From the gryphon you can see nearly all of the human capital, the different squares of the town (even if it’s not 100% faithful to the Stormwind ingame) you can feel that you are in Azeroth.


The San Diego Comic Con is only beginning but with this as a start we can already be sure that the Warcraft movie will look great!

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