SDCC 2015 – Warcraft Movie Panel

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Sadly, the person I assigned to go to the “SDCC 2015 – Warcraft Movie Panel” spent two hours in line before everyone was told there was no more room. My heart deflated. I have heard Duncan Jones fed and handed away lots of twinkies to late-campers who waited in line since last night. So I can understand the line was pretty huge as the panel schedule approached.

SDCC 2015 - Warcraft Movie Panel

Dwelling aside, waves of excitement are filling the internetz after the panel to give us an idea of what happened behind closed doors. Duncan Jones also revealed the trailer will be open to everyone at BlizzCon 2015. So not all is lost. Just have to wait another 4 months to see what described as “the true definition of “epic.””


Among the actors present during the Warcraft Movie panel were Ben Foster (Medivh), Ben Schnetzer (Khadgar), Daniel Wu (Gul’dan), Dominic Cooper (King Llane), Clancy Brown (Blackhand), Paula Patton (Garona), Toby Kebbell (Durotan), and Travis Fimmel (Lothar). That reminds me, I gotta ask our correspondent if he was able to record the signing sessions. That would be rad.


These are some of the websites describing their experience after getting visually-mauled by the epic Warcraft trailer.

Actress Paula Patton said onstage: “Playing Garona was my biggest challenge as an actor.”


Actor Clancy Brown (Blackhand) said onstage: “I look at this crowd and all I see is fuel for the fel…”


One of Blizzplanet’s staff members, cosplayer Stroughnecks, definitely had a lot of fun at the Legendary booth’s Warcraft Movie stage.


Really awesome that Legendary Twitter highlighted Stroughnecks in this tweet: “No one can say our @warcraftmovie cast members who #FightForTheHorde don’t take their allegiance seriously!”

By the way, congratulations to Stroughnecks for winning the contest!


Warcraft Movie Panel Video Transcript

Jarr… ha! So there’s a Warcraft Movie panel out there after all, and we have added a transcript as well. The panel host was Chris Hardwick (TheNerdist) and the panelists were Duncan Jones (director), Ben Foster (Medivh), Ben Schnetzer (Khadgar), Daniel Wu (Gul’dan), Dominic Cooper (King Llane), Clancy Brown (Blackhand), Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim Doomhammer), Paula Patton (Garona), Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Ruth Negga (Lady Taria), and Travis Fimmel (Lothar).

Nerdist: Please, welcome to the stage the director of this epic, epic, epic movie; a very sweet man, please welcome Mr. Duncan Jones.

He’s not alone. Oh that’s interesting. Those open?

(Note: referring to all the three-wall-long huge screens around the panel)

Nerdist: Welcome Duncan Jones, thank you so much for being here. It’s so good to see you. So … Warcraft, let’s talk about Warcraft. This is all you’ve been talking about for the past few years, is Warcraft, and this is your third year with Warcraft.

Duncan: Our third year here with Warcraft. The last one before we finally release.

Nerdist: Does it ever feel to you– like when you come out and you’re like “ok, I know, I know but please it’s a big movie take as much time”?

Duncan: The amazing and wonderful thing is I’m not alone here today. I have a little support here.

Nerdist: You do have a lot of support, but before we bring out your support, what has been your biggest challenge? This is obviously– and I’ve seen a cut of the movie and it is amazing and it’s still not coming out for a little while; and I think what’s amazing about it is if you know Warcraft there are tons of stuff in there for you to go “oh my God!;” and if you don’t know Warcraft, it’s just an epic fantasy adventure movie.

Duncan: And that’s the plan. We wanted to make a film which everyone would be interested in beyond the Warcraft audience … the Warcraft game audience; and I think it was a similar challenge that Peter Jackson had when he did the first Lord of the Rings movie: “How do you appeal to an audience who hasn’t read Tolkien?” He managed to make that work. We are hoping we can do the same.

Nerdist: Excellent! Do you want to get your cast friends out here so that we can get into this panel? Ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome to the stage the cast of Warcraft.


Nerdist: Very nice, all together at once. We are so close it’s almost happening.

(Someone yells from the audience: “I love you Paula!” She smiles.)

Nerdist: So just sort of … let’s start with Travis. Travis Fimmel is your microphone working okay?

Fimmel: Yup!

Nerdist: Ok, perfect. Well, Worlds as immersive like this — you know, like Azeroth versus something like “Vikings” — how do the two worlds compare? Does it help as an actor to undertake something of this scale?

Fimmel: Firstly, I’d like to say how gorgeous and beautiful Paula Patton and Ruth and especially Dominic Cooper look today. We are so lucky to have the boss man here, Duncan, in charge. He put us in this amazing world of magical characters and it’s such a great experience and a new one for me. I’ve never done motion capture stuff. It’s amazing to see that this was what I was actually looking at.

Nerdist: Have you not seen anything from it yet?

Fimmel: No, I have not seen anything.

Nerdist: It’s amazing!

Fimmel: [unknown] in the end, it looks … good work man.

Nerdist: Well yeah, I mean as an actor when you come in and it just looks like you are going to fight with all false swords in front of a green thing and then you just thrust in like “you are going to do something cool with this, right”?

Fimmel: Yeah, we got a time when we can work in our pajamas, and that looks amazing man, I’m very impressed.

Nerdist: Paula what can you tell us about Garona?

Patton: Oh gosh! Well, it is probably the greatest challenge I have had as an actress because she is half-human half-orc. She comes from this world Draenor, and she is a slave to Gul’dan and she is put to the test in the world that she lives in; and then she finds herself on Azeroth amongst the humans, and her life is changed.

She never really fits in either world. She sort of has one foot in each and you know when you are an actress you might want to find research; but you don’t know how to research playing an orc. I had to figure it out. So I was scared to death. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever undertaken; but I’m so glad I did it. I loved it. It was amazing working with Duncan and it is quite unreal and surreal to see this world right now.

Nerdist: And she is such a strong and such a great character, I mean everyone; by the way Ben Foster’s performance as Medivh is so fantastic and you were so wonderful in this movie Ben. Just a second ago you were just dumping water on Toby.

Foster: That was … pardon?

Nerdist: I saw you dump a little water on Toby.

Kebbell: He was cooling my crotch; he’s so hot!

Nerdist: I think just — in the interest of time — I do believe that you brought some footage that we are going to be able to show some people. I’d love to sort to just go down one at a time because there are so many people on the panel and maybe just say one thing about your character or one thing that you really loved about this experience as a whole starting with you, Ben.

Foster: Who here is familiar with the game World of Warcraft? Yeah, who doesn’t want to be a wizard? That was my– the experience was a thrill getting to work with Duncan, who have you guys seen Moon, his film?


Foster: This is a man with a very specific vision and he brought that vision to a beloved game, and he elevated that game to a film and getting the opportunity to play with this cast and this crew with this material from Blizzard and Legendary. It’s a once in a lifetime.?

Nerdist: What about you Toby?

Kebbell: Yea. It’s difficult to follow that because it’s true. It’s all true, but I play Durotan … considered the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan. This is my right hand man (pointing at Kazinsky). I missed the King here. (pointing at Cooper) He’s a human. I know he’s on my left but he’s my right hand man. I didn’t set this, and that’s about what I have to say about that.

(Everyone laughs)

Nerdist: Dominic, did you feel like the Alliance had it a little bit easier in this film?

Cooper: No! We had it really tough. We had to wear those incredibly heavy outfits every day. They wore pajamas.

Kazinsky: We had it so easy.

(Kebbell makes gesture simulating crying, and wiping both eyes’ tears)

Cooper: They were wearing nice comfortable pajamas every day, little stencils stuck to their foreheads and danced around every day. We had to wear sweaty wigs and very heavy armor; I couldn’t even lift up my sword, that was pathetic. I’ve never seen such a big sword.

Nerdist: That’s going to be the choir for the panel: “Have you ever seen such a big sword? Warcraft!” …. “IT GETS BIGGER…” I mean that really is …

(Panelists laugh)

Nerdist: Go on. Robert Kazinsky, by the way, I know we talked about this a lot because I did BlizzCon with you… Kazinsky is a legitimate … like … this… this man is the soul of Warcraft. It has been in his life and his world for thousands of hours [before] this movie.

Kazinsky: Yea. I managed to get myself… I’m up to nearly six hundred days played now. So, I mean, basically–

Nerdist: How do you find the time to do that and still get so ripped?

Kazinsky: Well, there was a time when I wasn’t in the Warcraft movie, and in that time I was unemployed for a lot of that time; and I spent it eating cake and playing Warcraft. Playing that much Warcraft and being that into the world is really… I mean, I lost a relationship (a really good one too), I lost self-esteem, but it wouldn’t be really sad and pathetic if I wasn’t doing this movie which has totally made it okay.

Nerdist: When this movie comes out you can email that girl from the relationship and: “See? This was for a thing!”

Kazinsky: She left me, she left me because of Warcraft and now I’m like well … tsk … who won this round?

Nerdist: Yeah! Doing research all those years for the Horde!

Kazinsky: FOR THE HORDE! I know, so I get to play with and I know I’m biased and this sound rubbish and this is especially with Foster and Kebbell here, I think this is the most talented young cast I’ve ever seen assembled in a movie and it has been a privilege apart from Toby Kebbell to work with these people every single day; they make a great movie and I’m not just saying that. I know that I’m a gamer and I know what I’m expecting is what you’re expecting from this thing and I promise you that Duncan Jones has made the movie that we wanted to see.

Nerdist: Ben, what can you tell us, anything you can tell us about your experience? What was your favorite thing?

Schnetzer: I think getting a chance to work with Duncan and this cast just to reiterate what Rob said was a major privilege and yeah it was a total trip. I mean, I think the fact that it’s not a cut and dry good versus evil story, this is a story about two heroes basically on a collision course, it made unique in the orc, and that was really attractive to me, and it was just a total trip. It was amazing. Great experience.

Nerdist: I mean … it looks … it looks … It’s hard to recognize some of the orcs because …. I mean, it doesn’t look like CG, and you can barely — when people start talking like Clancy Brown, I didn’t realize it was Clancy at first, and then I … I kind of you can make out his face. So what was the motion capture experience like for you Clancy?

Brown: (speaking orcish for 30 seconds — 10:24 in the video).

(The crowd cheers)

Nerdist: Best answer. Best answer all day.

Brown: I look out here at this crowd and all I see is fuel for the Fel. (grunts)


Nerdist: Ruth what can you tell us about Lady Taria and just your experience?

Negga: Well behind every great man is a greater woman (laughs), and she is a very dignified lady; loves her land and she is certain to steal [unknown] to her, and she knows what she is doing and she knows they are fighting for right. It was such a pleasure to work in this film and work with Duncan and this great cast. I just can’t wait to see it.

Nerdist: In a minute you’re going to see a little bit of it, Daniel tell us anything about Gul’dan and also the responsibility that maybe if — oh, this is the character that’s very personal to people. It’s not like translating a book into a film. People really connect to a game especially a game like Warcraft. It’s so much a part of who you are, you bond to it. So how do you feel taking this like a lot of responsibility?

Wu: Yea, Gul’dan is an iconic character of the game and it’s a daunting task because there are so many people who have their own version of who these characters are from playing the game and I know that because (and I also have to thank my wife because she plays the game and she played for many, many years and she’s actually the reason why I did the film). Of course I did it for Duncan, this amazing cast and all that — but really it’s to get into my wife’s good grace because she’s been playing the game for many, many years.

I watched her play for many, many years from the side and I eventually — the story to tell — when I got the audition for this, I actually was meant to take the year off because my wife just had a baby and we meant to spend time with the baby and when I found out about this audition and I went to her and I said:

“Honey, I promised I’d take a year off, but there is this audition coming up,” and she goes: “You promised me you wouldn’t work,” and I said: “…. but it’s Warcraft,” and she goes: “You have to f#[email protected] do it!”

(Everyone laughs)

… and so that was an easy question, and I’ve been here ever since. So I think I gained more out of this than most people did.

Nerdist: So before …. I’m about to show you what I’m about to show you … please do not, for real, do not, do not take videos of this. Do not try to be sneaky. Please respect the Comic-Con code. If you guys wait, this is just for you. It’s very special. No one has seen it before, so put your devices down.

(SDCC 2015 Exclusive Warcraft Movie trailer begins playing. Note: It will be public in Nov 2015)

Nerdist: Ladies and gentlemen that was Warcraft; please help me give a huge round of applause for Duncan Jones and the cast of Warcraft. Thank you so much for coming out, take care and I’ll see you guys later.

Special thanks to rettep for the transcript.

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