Sucker Punch and Warcraft Film

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Sucker Punch is in theaters now, apparently not doing so great in the box office with only $19 millions, and a plethora of criticism. Mostly due to the narrative story, and the lack of a logical story.

On the other hand, it has amazing CGI, and battle scenes. Elements all fantasy and sci-fi viewers love in a movie.

Now, you might think — wait, this is a Blizzard fansite, why are we reading about some silly movie titled Sucker Punch?

Sucker Punch is directed by Zack Snyder (300, The Watchmen). For those who live under a rock, the Warcraft Film is to be produced by Legendary Pictures. Sucker Punch is their project. Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures co-financed Sucker Punch which cost $75 million to produce.

Storywise, Warcraft shouldn’t suffer the story issues surrounding Sucker Punch. Blizzard VP of Creative Design, Chris Metzen, is on the driver seat when it comes to the film’s storyline script. As with anything developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the story script has to be as perfect and quality polished as possible before Sam Raimi and Robert Rodat get the cameras rolling.

Instead of criticizing Sucker Punch’s lunacy of a script, let’s see how Legendary Pictures and Zack Snyder wrap the fantasy and sci-fi scenery around the story.

A glimpse into the movie trailer gives you an overall idea of what to expect in Sucker Punch. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, the trailer will help you fill in the blanks. It is action packed with battle scenes, destruction and mayhem. Epic visual input from Fantasy scene to Sci-Fi scene, back and forth — lacking a coherent story or sense.

The Warcraft film won’t be your Lord of the Rings quest-like type of movie. It will be mostly an Alliance versus the Horde epic battle with a story tapestry to give it the World of Warcraft flavor and shape.

Sadly, Zack Snyder and the “300” element ain’t behind the Warcraft film; but we have Director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, The Evil Dead), Screenplayer Rober Rodat (Saving Private Ryan), Producer Charles Roven (The Dark Knight), Executive Producer Robert Tapert (Xena: Warrior Princess, The Evil Dead, Timecop), and Chris Metzen to take the challenge not only of taking up the heavy-weight of recreating all the races, characters and vivid locations of Azeroth, and shatter all the expectations fans have built up over six years; but to actually reign supreme in the box office.

Sucker Punch and other recent pop culture movies have really gotten a beat up from critics, and a world of hurt at the box office when compared to other current competitors. Hopefully, we’ll see the Warcraft film surpass all these obstacles.

Some of the reviews I have read so far (some might have spoilers, though they are kind to label it so if there’s any):


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