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The Warcraft Movie by director Duncan Jones was produced with a budget of $160 million. As of June 13, The Box Office reports the Warcraft Movie has made $26,036,570 here in the United States, and $280,500,000 Overseas for a total of $306,536,570 Worldwide. WARCRAFT is currently ranked #2 in the United States with an average of $7.1 million per day.


It is laughable how some respected “journalists” who acknowledge not to have played the Warcraft video games haven’t taken a look at past Fantasy-live action films for number-comparison before writing a review to call WARCRAFT a Box Office Flop or Bomb.

WARCRAFT is a Fantasy-Live action based on a video game, while most of the films sharing the genre have been based on very successful book series for many years, including: The Lord of the Rings (1968), The Chronicles of Narnia (1950), and Harry Potter (1997).

LORD OF THE RINGS: The # 1 fantasy-live action film to obviously compare WARCRAFT with is definitely The Lord of the Rings. So let’s take a close look merely to proof that WARCRAFT is not a Box Office Flop. The first week of December 14-20, 2001 — Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring made $27,917,978 in 3,359 theaters, ranking #3.

The WARCRAFT movie hit theaters in the United States on June 10, 2016. The available current numbers are from June 13 (3 days since launch). So in comparison, with WARCRAFT having $26m in only 3 days (NOT a full week) — I can say Warcraft has been a success in the United States, surpassing LOTR’s first film in the first week.

The journalists out there can review the film any way they want, but titling WARCRAFT a box office flop so prematurely — merely to catch the attention of readers — is incorrect. Please, take the moment to do what those journalists lacked to do before titling their article. Visit the Box Office (Dec 14-20, 2001).

In order to compare whether a film is a flop, I think one must first look at the genre and compare it with films of that same genre. There haven’t been many Fantasy-Live action films in the past 20 years.

For the sake of it, let’s compare WARCRAFT with STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS which is in a different genre (Sci-Fi Adventure). WARCRAFT has over 12 million fans the past 22 years, while STAR TREK has been around since 1966. Into Darkness re-launched the Original Series with new actors playing the roles of Captain Kirk, Spock and Bones. In the first week of May 10-16, 2013, the film made $13,536,422. WARCRAFT made $26m domestically in 3 days. Let’s go back in time to May 13, 2013 to see what the journalists say about INTO DARKNESS… Sound the trumpets! That movie was a FLOP! Or was it? By that same standard, Lord of the Rings was a flop too. Or was it? I say to journalists… focus on reviewing the film, and stop the premature harmful article titles and personal hate-spewing agendas that have no base in factual domestic total gross numbers.


You can read my Warcraft Movie review and analysis here.



Total Gross numbers Overseas below:


Bulgaria: $267,056
Czech republic: $858,112
Finland: $266,533
France: $9,520,731
Iceland: $131,879
Italy: $3,157,670
Lithuania: $77,192
Netherlands: $1,442,735
Norway: $1,233,989
Portugal: $284,691
Romania: $598,059
Slovakia: $389,965
Ukraine: $928,071
United Kingdom: $7,162,822



China: $156,809,077
South Korea: $5,072,692
Thailand: $2,390,870

Warcraft Movie Box Office



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