BlizzCon 2015 Warcraft Movie Collectibles Unveiled

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Many of our staff are at BlizzCon, and we wish to share with you photos of 22 new Warcraft Movie licensed products never seen before. Some of these are coming as soon as Spring 2016 or May 2016. Take a look at our 44 photos after the list (4 pages of photos).

CORRECTION: Originally, I reported all these products were from the WETA booth. I was informed of my mistake. There are four companies involved in the production of these Warcraft Movie Collectibles: WETA, Gentle Giant Ltd, Jakks Pacific, and Maybang’s Collectibles.

The following statues are produced by Gentle Giant Ltd: Gul’dan, Durotan, Orgrim and Lothar. The Gul’dan Skull Scale Replica 3D Print too. Pre-order them here.

BlizzCon 2015 – Warcraft Movie Official Gallery

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Legendary Pictures added a photo gallery to the official Warcraft Movie website. You can watch the official movie trailer here.

The first photo shows us an amazing render of Durotan that resembles the Blizzard Cinematic Quality but realism has been pushed even further. I mean look at the realism of his hair and ponytails. On his shoulders you can see every single body hair hit by sunlight, contrasting against the darker background. I mean: HOLY SHIT? The handle of his weapon, the texture of the leather around the handle. The necklace. The ornamental wrappings with the fangs or claws. The scars on his body, the chest hair. This feels and breaths realism.


Legendary Released 15-sec Warcraft Movie Teaser

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Legendary released today a 15-sec Warcraft Movie Teaser announcing that: “War is Coming.” The trailer will be unveiled globally on Friday, November 6th at BlizzCon 2015.

Below you can watch the Warcraft Movie Teaser and 15 screenshots taken from the video showing some never-before-seen frames from the movie. Look at that huge wolf jumping on a knight riding a horse, then get tossed off the horse with the footman’s head trapped in the wolf’s jaws.