Warcraft Movie – Khadgar Spotlight Video

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Legendary Pictures recently posted the Warcraft Movie Khadgar spotlight video where we see Khadgar spellcasting arcane and fire spells in all its glory. The video clip also shows these characters: King Llane, Garona, Lothar, Gul’dan and Durotan.

Each spotlight video has a description of each of the heroes. In this case, Khadgar is dubbed “The Seeker.” A mage is known to seek knowledge to hone and grow his magical skills. There is a scene where Khadgar is in the Karazhan library. The tower seen in one of the screenshots below is most definitely The Tower of Karazhan.


Warcraft Movie – Garona Spotlight Video

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Legendary Pictures posted yesterday a new spotlight video, and my hunch was right. It seems Legendary plans to release a spotlight video for each character leading up to the official launch date in theaters this June 10.

Today’s spotlight features Garona Halforcen, played by Paula Patton. This spotlight shows off how kickass Garona really is. Paula excelled in her combat skills like a pro, and this is just a short clip. Makes you crave to see more of her action in the film.

One doesn’t find champion women often in movies. The big screen often portrays damsels in distress, but the Warcraft movie is going to show a brave, agile, fearless, and powerful woman.


Warcraft: Durotan – the Official Movie Prequel Released

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The long wait is over for Christie Golden fans. Random House and Blizzard Entertainment have released Warcraft: Durotan: The Official Movie Prequel in Mass-Market Paperback and digital formats.

Yes, you can read it on your Tablet, Kindle or PC. I got mine delivered to my Kindle PC as seen below. There are various Kindle apps to choose from: Android, iOS, PC, Kindle device, or the cloud reader for internet browser.

Warcraft Movie – Lothar Spotlight Video

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Legendary Pictures posted today a new 20-sec spotlight video featuring Sir Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel). We are very close, at 37 days before the Warcraft movie debuts in theathers. It’s possible that we might see spotlight videos for Garona, King Llane, Medivh and other characters. Call it a hunch. We’ll have to wait and see to proof or debunk that. Either way, the hype is real.


2016 PAX East Exclusive Warcraft Movie Trailer Shows Iron Forge

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Update: Added my 1080HD video of the PAX East-Exclusive Warcraft Movie trailer. Apologies for the shaking. No tripod.

During my visit to PAX East, I attended the Warcraft Movie panel held by director Duncan Jones, Robert Kazinsky and Michele Morrow. At the end of the panel, the PAX East-exclusive Warcraft Movie trailer was played, showing 3 scenes of Iron Forge not seen in previous trailers.

Watch the PAX East Warcraft Movie panel video here.

2016 PAX East Warcraft Movie Panel

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Director Duncan Jones and actor Rob Kazinski were interviewed onstage by BlizzCon-host Michele Morrow to discuss the production of the Warcraft Movie. The line to enter the theatre started around 2pm. After a while, everyone was led upstairs to the third floor, and aligned to sit on the ground while the theater was prepared for the Warcraft Movie panel.


The Boston Convention Center’s Main Theatre has a capacity for 3000 seats, and the room was definitely filled. Took a short 360° video of the Main Theatre.

Photos of 3 Iron Forge scenes shown in the 2016 PAX East-Exclusive Warcraft Movie trailer here.

Pre-order Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood

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warcraft-bonds-of-brotherhood-coverPre-order Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood by Legendary Comics — the official prequel graphic novel for the Warcraft movie.


Discover how three of Azeroth’s greatest champions forged their first alliance, in the official graphic prequel to the Warcaft movie from Legendary, Universal Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.

In a fantasy action epic set decades before the film, the young and headstrong Llane, Lothar, and Medivh embark on a mission of vengeance that will forge them into heroes… the kind of heroes Azeroth will need in its darkest hour.

Authors: Chris Metzen & Paul Cornell
Illustrators: Mat Broome, Michael O’Hare, Eddie Nunez, Roy Allan Martinez, Ale Garza, Mike Bowden
Cover: Kevin Tong

Hardcover: 112 pages
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Publisher: Legendary Comics; Mti edition (June 7, 2016)
ISBN-10: 1681160137
ISBN-13: 978-1681160139
Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 0.2 x 10.2 inches


About the Author

PAUL CORNELL is a British writer best known for his work in television drama, most notably for “Doctor Who. “Three of his “Doctor Who” episodes have been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. He has written several “Doctor Who “spin-off novels, and created the character Beatrice Summerfield. He has also written for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and published original novels including “London Falling”.

Mat Broome has spent the past 20 years as an advertising artist, professional illustrator, entertainment and brand management business owner, and art director at the largest video game company in the world. He’s created and published comics and graphic novels with the largest comics and graphic novel publishers, and has done charitable teaching for youth and artist workshops.



Originally posted: Sept 15, 2015

As revealed in San Diego Comic Con, Legendary Comics is developing a graphic novel that serves as a prequel to the Warcraft Movie.

Duncan Jones to Talk Warcraft Movie at 2016 PAX East

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Duncan Jones and Robert Kazinsky will discuss details about the upcoming Warcraft Movie at 2016 PAX East. I’ll be there to bring you everything said and shown at the panel. Stay tuned.

WARCRAFT: A Look Inside the Upcoming Cinematic Adventure

Join director/co-writer Duncan Jones and star Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim) as they discuss the secrets behind WARCRAFT, their much-anticipated epic adventure of world-colliding conflict, which arrives in theatres this summer. They’ll reveal just how they transformed the Blizzard universe of heroes and villains who have captivated millions into Legendary’s epic cinematic adventure that launches into IMAX 3D theaters on June 10.


Duncan Jones [Co-Writer / Director, Warcraft], Robert Kazinsky [Actor, Warcraft]

Main Theatre
Saturday 4/23 4:00PM – 5:00PM


Toy Fair NY 2016 – FUNKO unveils Warcraft Movie POP Vinyl Figures

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During my visit to the Toy Fair NY 2016, I visited the FUNKO booth (as usual) and I gasped as I got moonstruck by the new Funko POP Warcraft Movie Figures — slated to hit stores this April 2016, shy a month early before the launch of the Warcraft Movie at a theather near you. But that’s not all, FUNKO is also launching an Dorbz and a Mystery Minis line based on the Warcraft Movie, too.


Warcraft Movie TV Spot 1

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Legendary released on Sunday a new Warcraft Movie TV Spot featuring some of the scenes we had already seen plus a new sequence showing Garona in battle against an orc — and if you look closer in the image below, she is wearing armor with the Stormwind lion crest. We get a good glimpse of Dalaran, and a few ramdom scenes never seen before.

The Warcraft Movie is coming to a theater near you on June 10, 2016. We are 4 months-2 weeks-and some change away from watching the movie. Only 137 days. Where’s the Hype?! Yay! Follow @Legendary and Duncan Jones @ManMoonMade.


Gentle Giant Warcraft Movie Ogrim Statue

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You can pre-order now the sixth-scale Warcraft Movie Ogrim Statue (1:6). Gentle Giant LTD plans to ship this statue by Q3 2016.

gentle-giant-warcraft-orgrim-statueBased on the movie! From Gentle Giant Ltd. and 3D Systems is Durotan’s most trusted ally, torn between duty to his chieftain and loyalty to the hord, Orgrim! This incredible statue was created using digital files provided by Legendary Pictures. This stunning, screen accurate statue has been replicated in every detail. Limited edition. 13-inches tall.

From Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures and director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) comes Warcraft, an epic adventure of world-colliding conflict based on the global phenomenon from Blizzard Entertainment.

The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its human civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: Orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people and their home. So begins a spectacular saga of power and sacrifice in which war has many faces, and everyone fights for something.






BlizzCon 2015 Warcraft Movie Collectibles Unveiled

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Many of our staff are at BlizzCon, and we wish to share with you photos of 22 new Warcraft Movie licensed products never seen before. Some of these are coming as soon as Spring 2016 or May 2016. Take a look at our 44 photos after the list (4 pages of photos).

CORRECTION: Originally, I reported all these products were from the WETA booth. I was informed of my mistake. There are four companies involved in the production of these Warcraft Movie Collectibles: WETA, Gentle Giant Ltd, Jakks Pacific, and Maybang’s Collectibles.

The following statues are produced by Gentle Giant Ltd: Gul’dan, Durotan, Orgrim and Lothar. The Gul’dan Skull Scale Replica 3D Print too. Pre-order them here.

BlizzCon 2015 – Warcraft Movie Official Gallery

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Legendary Pictures added a photo gallery to the official Warcraft Movie website. You can watch the official movie trailer here.

The first photo shows us an amazing render of Durotan that resembles the Blizzard Cinematic Quality but realism has been pushed even further. I mean look at the realism of his hair and ponytails. On his shoulders you can see every single body hair hit by sunlight, contrasting against the darker background. I mean: HOLY SHIT? The handle of his weapon, the texture of the leather around the handle. The necklace. The ornamental wrappings with the fangs or claws. The scars on his body, the chest hair. This feels and breaths realism.


Legendary Released 15-sec Warcraft Movie Teaser

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Legendary released today a 15-sec Warcraft Movie Teaser announcing that: “War is Coming.” The trailer will be unveiled globally on Friday, November 6th at BlizzCon 2015.

Below you can watch the Warcraft Movie Teaser and 15 screenshots taken from the video showing some never-before-seen frames from the movie. Look at that huge wolf jumping on a knight riding a horse, then get tossed off the horse with the footman’s head trapped in the wolf’s jaws.